Eat low calorie popcorn and create a calore deficit. Start shopping below.

We're happy when you lose weight and feel good. 95 calories per serving.

- Control weight gain - It’s less calories and feels like a
lot when you use our portion packs or pop without oil . They're only 160 calories in which is about 5 cups of popcorn. Share half with someone for 80 calories each.

- You’ll eat more fiber for a healthier gut

-You’ll eat cleaner we use all natural non-gmo and organic
ingredients with no additives

- You’ll eat a snack with no sugar reducing your risk of

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- Avoid weight gain from high calories snacks.

- Stay away from high sugar snacks like hostess or granola bars that increase your risk of diabetes

- Avoid additives like palm oil, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavoings found in traditional microwave popcorn

- Stay away from snacks that are low in fiber that don't help with digesting foods



  • Microwave Instructions

    For most microwaves it's 2 minutes. For low powered microwaves 2.5 to 3 minutes. For high powered microwaves, 2 minutes. If you're not sure try two minutes. If the popcorn is still popping add 30 seconds. If the popcorn stops popping for 3 seconds at any moment stop popping immediately to prevent burning.

  • Who we are

    We are popcorn innovators inventing new popcorn concepts. We started in 2013 as Uncle Pops LLC and expanded into multiple popcorn brands. It's our goal to provide better healthier and/or newer popcorn styles for the world.

  • FAQs

    Check the Link below for common questions you may have including instructions, shipping times, and general questions.

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Yes its Possible to Pop Popcorn without Oil! Press Play below.