Cardio for Weight Loss

Cardio for Weight Loss

Working Out and Exercise to Lose Weight

Working out and Exercise is another way to create a calorie deficit so you can lose weight and feel good about your looks.  In addition to reducing calorie intake with the foods you can also exercise.  In the article below it seems the best ways are to complete some kind of cardio.

To summarize 30 minutes of walking, running, jogging, cycling, weight training, yoga and pilates all burn around 110 calories to 165 calories every 30 minutes for a person that weighs 140 to 160 pounds.  This could be a great way to supplement a low calorie diet and help you lose weight.   Another benefit of exercise is you’ll be in a better mood after the workout and it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Remember if you get hungry after a workout don’t give in , stay with low calorie foods and reduce your total calories for the day.  Drinking a tall glass of water can help you suppress your appetite for a short time as well. 

Don’t give in and eat a pizza.  You should consider a healthy snack like Genius Popcorn which is only 100 calories per pouch to get you through the day instead of a sugary snack or coke.  It can be your go to for a quick low calorie snack.  Check it out here :

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