Popcorn – A Low Calorie Food that Keeps you Full

Popcorn – A Low Calorie Food that Keeps you Full

We all want to look our best.  In order to look your best you need to exercise and stay in a calorie deficit.  And if you're going to snack you might as well do it right.  According to the article below popcorn is one of those foods that will make you feel full, and we believe it's true.  


"As a source of whole grains and fiber, popcorn is a lower-calorie snack food that also promotes appetite control. A generous serving of three cups of popped popcorn supplies about 3.5 grams of fiber and around just 90 calories," says Stark. "Whether you’re popping it yourself or choosing the ready-to-eat variety, be mindful of added oils, fat, sugar and salt to make the best choice."

After you work out it's best to eat less while feeling full so you can achieve the results you want. Consider Genius Popcorn.  Click here to check out a popcorn kit.  

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