What is a Calorie Defict?

What is a Calorie Defict?

Basically a calorie deficit is eating a drinking fewer calories than your body burns in a day.  If you’re body requires 2000 calories in 1 day and you eat 2500 calories you will gain weight.  If you eat 1500 calories you will lose weight.  The article below from Web MD explains in basic terms what a Calorie deficit is.




Essentially at the end of the day when you have eaten fewer calories than your body requires than your body has to find energy within itself to maintain all bodily functions.  The body will usually burn fat first and you’ll end up losing weight.  I suppose it’s a mechanism that our body had developed when food was scarce a long time ago.  The article below describes more about calorie deficit diets.





Ivana Chapman at the link below says  has some strategies and tips to help you achieve a calorie deficit.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjEFCoLt3nY  In summary here is what you got from her video:


  1. Stay away from high calorie easy to eat hyper palatable foods. Those foods are foods like French fries, cookies, sugary drinks, chips, chocolate, pizza  Anything that is super easy to eat and too enjoyable may be a red flag
  2. Eat protein – milk protein powders, chicken, edamame, beans, or lentils
  3. Balance fat and carbs - eat a moderate amount of each
  4. After meals your shouldn’t feel stuffed and you shouldn’t feel hungry all the time.



It is generally uncomfortable when you’re in the calorie deficit because you may feel hungry and have urges to eat more.  Thankfully it gets easier after the first day.  You can simply eat a 100 calorie snack like Genius Popcorn if you feel really uncomfortable to hold you over and feel less hungry.  Check out this link  https://geniuspopcornco.com/collections/all to buy 100 calorie microwave popcorn potion packs.

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